I started my career as a photographer...

 I started my career as a photographer because it was a way for me to do the sports I love while keeping a roof over my head. I never really thought of it as a life long journey. Having just completed my BSc in Earth Science I always thought I would eventually “get a real job”… Until one day I realized that a creative career was a perfect fit for me.  I starting to get a growing interest in shooting video and after much debate I finally decided to take a documentary filmmaking program  in Vancouver.  This was a great place for me to explore my interest in film and share that interest with others.  I learned from some really incredible professionals and gained confidence to take the leap into a career that always intimidated me.  I have partnered with two other amazing individuals to form a Production company called Laundromat Studios.  We have recently launched a sister company called Soapbox Marketing.  Basically Laundromat produces great content in photo and video and Soapbox activates the content for our clients through social media.  After years of working alone I am so greatful for the partnership with Kyle Hamilton and the mentorship from Scott Martin.  I have already had some really incredible opportunities to work with amazing people and admirable brands.  I couldn’t be more excited for the future.


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