I started my career as a photographer...

 I started my career as a photographer because it was a way for me to do the sports I love while keeping a roof over my head. I never really thought of it as a life long journey. Having just completed my BSc in Earth Science I always thought I would eventually “get a real job”… Until one day, I realized that a creative career was a perfect fit for me.  I starting to get a growing interest in shooting video and after much debate I finally decided to take a documentary filmmaking program  in Vancouver.  This was a great place for me to explore my interest in film and share that interest with others.  I learned from some really incredible professionals and gained confidence to take the leap into a career that always intimidated me. 

I have worked with admirable brands like, MSR, Gore-tex, Elan skis and Patagonia, numerous cat and heli ski operations all over BC, and incredible athletes from all over the world.  Filmmaking has proven to be not only my work but also my play.  It has given me some of the most fun, exciting, stressful and scary moments in my life.  I have laughed and oh yes I have cried. At the end of the day I can't imagine doing anything else.