Colleen Gentemann
Colleen Gentemann
Adventure Filmmaker, Revelstoke BC

Leah Evans

Creative, courageous leader empowering female skiers.



I first met Leah while shooting for Heliski Canada at RK Heli in Invermere.  I was immediately drawn to her confidence and positive, can-do attitude.  Of course Leah is super strong on her skis but beyond that she is a leader who contributes back to her sport by inspiring and empowering others.  That includes me! When I met Leah back in 2012 I really wanted to pursue my career as a filmmaker, but I was not yet confident that I could make it work.  She told me to "just go for it" and directed me to the work of other female filmmakers who were "killing it" at the time.  She helped me to believe in myself, and gave me the push I needed to commit to going to film school.  Since then we have done a number of video projects together for brands such as Gore-Tex, Patagonia and MSR.


This is Leah's season edit for the winter of 2017. The footage is a compilation from various filmers, including footage I shot of Leah in the monashees.  I also edited the piece.

Sandra Lahnsteiner

Filmmaker, Athlete, Entrepreneur. She works hard to have fun.



I met Sandra when she was filming BETWEEN with her production company Shades of Winter.  Well known for her high energy all female ski films, Sandra is a Director, Producer and Athlete.  She knows how to work hard for the shot and is not intimidated by steep pillow lines or big drops.  With confidence, she has an intense understanding of her abilities as a skier.  A connector in the industry she is social and supportive of other athletes both female and male.  When its time to work she is serious and focussed but also knows how to enjoy her time in the mountains and loves to have fun.  During the filming of BETWEEN I shot photography for the Shades of Winter girls while filming the powder skiing segment in the Monashees.  I had the privilege of joining them again at Stellar Heliskiing in March 2017 for a film with Janina Kuzma called Crossroads.  Again in 2018 I returned to Stellar Heliskiing for another film project featuring Sandra, Julia Mancuso, Janina Kuzma and all the husbands for COUPLES which will be released this fall 2018.  In May 2018 Sandra and I connected again in Iceland for another exciting film trip.  Sandra is currently working with her editor in Austria to create this film which will be released this fall 2018.


Janina Kuzma

Janina Kuzma

Tough as nails, sweet as pie.



I started to hear about New Zealander Janina Kuzma back in 2006 while living in Fernie BC.  Already back then Janina was making a name for herself as a hard charging free skier.  Years later in 2015, I crossed paths with Janina again at Monashee Powder Snowcats.  She was there as an athlete with Shades of Winter while filming for BETWEEN.  I got to shoot photos with Janina and the other girls and was totally inspired by all of these women.  They were sweet and fun but when it came time to scope out lines they were serious and focussed.  The stuff they were dropping was huge and I was super impressed. My heart was pounding in my chest while I kept my trigger finger ready to capture each moment.  I remember showing Janina a couple shots off my camera that day and was rewarded with her enthusiasm and positivity.  

In March 2017, I got to shoot with Janina again, while filming CrossRoads with Shades of Winter at Stellar Heliskiing.  We met again in March 2018 to film Couples - another Shades of Winter production. Having the opportunity to get to know Janina over the years has been a real pleasure. She is a focused hard charging athlete but also bright, positive, easy going, and fun.


Caroline Gliech

An athlete with a purpose.



I have never met an athlete so determined in her sport, but also focussed on making an impact in the world. Caroline is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in.  She stands up for the environment and human rights.  She won't be bullied by people who speak against her or try to push her down.  Instead she comes back swinging and finds another cause to fight for.  

Late November 2016 I worked with Caroline on a video production for Gore-Tex.  We were ski touring in the Monashees and developing an inspiration piece to encourage people to "Experience More".  Over the four days we got to know each other, filmed a lot of walking up hill and also got to enjoy some great powder skiing turns.  Caroline is high energy, passionate, and generally super stoked to be out in the mountains.  She always has a big smile and an even bigger heart.


Andrea Byrne



Look out for this girl.  Young and relatively new to the pro skier scene, Fernie born Andrea will soon make a name for herself.  In 2015 I filmed with Andrea on a trip with Catski Canada.  It was a great opportunity for Andrea to ski with some more experienced pros.  Very coachable, hard charging and beautiful, Andrea is up and coming in the ski world.